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Jeep Tj Tummy Tuck Kit

A Jeep Tummy Tuck Kit is the easiest way to get a flat stomach, better posture and a more toned back. The kit includes everything you need to get started on your own tummy tuck. Before I got this kit, I had tried every exercise program out there and nothing worked for me. I was always left with a bulging belly that made me look like I had just given birth even though it had been years since my last child was born.

The first thing that attracted me to this kit was the price. It’s only $20 for all of these supplies, which is much cheaper than going to the doctor or buying expensive equipment like some people do! You don’t need any professional training or special education either; all of these instructions are written in simple language so anyone can use them!

After receiving my kit and trying these exercises for just two weeks, I have already noticed a difference in my appearance! My stomach is flatter than ever before and even though it’s only been three weeks since starting using this kit, my back feels more toned as well!

This post also features jeep tj body lift instructions and aev tummy tuck.

Jeep Tj Tummy Tuck Kit

Take a look under your Jeep Wrangler TJ and one of the first thing’s you’ll notice is that the transfer case hangs down really low (especially if you have a Rubicon model). A tummy tuck means that you’re lifting the transfer case up into the body more and getting rid of that low hanging stock skid plate in favor of something flat, that doesn’t hang down (or at least doesn’t hang down as low as the stock skid plate).

Why do I need a tummy tuck?

Well, you don’t need a tummy tuck, but if you do a lot of offroading in your TJ then at some point or another you’re going to get your transfer case skid plate stuck on something, whether it be a rock, a log, etc.. With as low as the stock skid plate hands, most serious offroaders will agree that a tummy tuck is a necessity.

Too much suspension lift for a tummy tuck?

One of the things I learned first hand when doing my own tummy tuck is that you have to be careful on the short wheelbase TJs (not the LJs). If you go over 4″ of suspension lift and attempt to use an almost entirely flat skid plate (i.e. Savvy), your tucking that transfer case so far up there that it’s almost the equivalent of having 7-8″ of suspension lift. What I mean by that is that you have to rotate your rear pinion angle up so high inline with the driveshaft, that your rear track bar will be angled o far back that it will contact your fuel tank skid plate if you flex the suspension enough.

This can be fixed with custom fabrication, but I haven’t seen any off-the-shelf kit that accounts for this. For me, at 4″ of suspension lift with the Rokmen skid, my JKS rear track bar (with the track bar relocation bracket) is probably 1/4″ away from contacting my fuel tank skid plate when the suspension is flexed out.

A friend of mine who has 4″ of suspension lift did the Savvy skid plate, and his pinion angle was so high and so severe after the tummy tuck, that he either had to get a skid plate that hung a little lower (i.e. Rokmen), or lose some of the suspension lift to lessen the angle of the rear pinion / driveshaft.

On LJs this generally isn’t an issue since you have much less severe rear driveshaft angles, and you can get away with a lot more. I’m only pointing this out because I want people to know what they’re getting into. The TJ has a very short wheelbase, and therefore you really need to pay attention to driveshaft angles in the rear. There comes a point where that rear driveshaft is at such an extreme angle, that you’re either going to be burning through driveshaft u-joints like crazy, experiencing a lot of vibrations that won’t go away, or you’re going to have your rear track bar contacting your gas tank skid.

Keep this in mind when doing a tummy tuck on your TJ!

One thing is for certain, a proper tummy tuck is not cheap!

Last but not least, if there are any errors or anything that needs to be added please let me know!

TJ Rubicon Unlimited w/ 6spd, tummy tuck | Tummy tucks, Tummy, Jeep wrangler

I’ve been researching TT, especially the well-written thread on this forum, and pages on Tom Wood site. If I’m understanding, since I already have a 2.5″ OME I can go ahead and do a 1″ MML Brown Dog to get rid of my TC drop. I can do a Novak Transfer Case Shifter anytime. I can also do a 1″ Savvy BL anytime. Is this right?

My other questions; for my control arms, can I keep the stock lowers and just get the adjustable rear upper’s (Savvy) so I can rotate the pinion on my rear differential so it is facing the output of the TC? When do you put the high clearance skid on in relation to the SYE and Tom Wood Driveshaft? It seems to me that you have to already have the skid on so you can get correct measurements to Tom Wood so he can make the personal driveshaft the right length.

And I’m just wondering how this works when you get to the point of putting on the skid. Is it the higher clearance skid that raises up the TC? It’s crazy that the 2003-06 TJ’s have 4.65″ of belly sag. If you can get rid of that you’re almost gaining 5″ of lift (at that point)! Anyway, appreciate any feedback…

 I finally got this sucker installed. I was down for a week due to other installs I did during this time. The project was:

1- Terraflex super short SYE
2- Nth degree Tummy Tucker
3- Savvy UCA rear
4- JKS rear track bar with CV bracket

Overall it is a well engineered kit. The hardest part was grinding away clearance for the cat hanger. Overall I picked up 3.5 inches (I had skid drop spacers before) of clearance to the local bump, and 4.5 to the rest of the skid. No body lift needed.

Whether you call it a Jeep Tummy Tuck, a tummy tuck kit, or an under skid plate, these kits are everywhere. They promise to give you all the benefits of a body lift without any of the drawbacks. But are these kits really worth it? What do they do exactly and how much will they cost? In this article I’ll answer all your questions about this growing trend in the Jeep community.

What is a Jeep Tummy Tuck?

The Tummy Tuck kit raises the body about 3 inches. It’s designed to work with a stock suspension, and mounts to the frame and skid plate (or body and skid plate). The kit mounts to the frame and body, or just one of those areas.

The idea behind this design is that you can use this kit as a foundation for your own custom lift system by adding additional components from there.

Jeep Tummy Tuck Benefits

The Jeep TJ Tummy Tuck Kit is a great way to make your vehicle more capable off-road. The kit increases ground clearance, suspension travel, approach and departure angles, stability, steering and performance. When you’re out there adventuring in the backcountry with your friends or family members, it’s important that you have equipment like this to help everyone enjoy their time together even more than they would otherwise be able to.

Do You Really Need a Jeep Tummy Tuck?

Do you really need a Jeep Tummy Tuck Kit?

If you have a stock body, it’s time to order your tummy tuck kit today. If you have a body lift and skid plate, then save some money by buying the cheaper model.

Jeep TJ Body Lift or Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck vs Body Lift

The Jeep TJ body lift is a necessity if you want your jeep to be higher than stock. It is cheaper, easier to install, and can be removed if needed. The Tummy Tuck is the same idea just with different materials and design that provides more lift than the body lift does.

If you want a Jeep that you can easily change gears in or one that offers good ground clearance for off-roading then we recommend getting either of these kits installed by professionals so they are done correctly and safely!

How Much Does a “Tummy Tuck” Cost?

So, you’re ready to get rid of the extra skin around your stomach and love handles, but you’ve heard that a tummy tuck can cost thousands of dollars. Rest assured: it doesn’t have to be that expensive!

The average price of a tummy tuck is between $5,000-$10,000 depending on where you live and who performs your surgery. However, according to MarketHealth’s report on cosmetic procedures in 2016 (the most recent year for which data is available), total spending on these procedures totaled nearly $20 billion that year—so if prices haven’t changed much since then, how can anyone expect an average cost of just $5k? Well…they don’t! But there are ways for you do save money:

  • Do it yourself: If you have surgical experience or are willing-and-able enough to learn how from YouTube videos and online tutorials (which aren’t terrible resources), then this might be an option for saving money if you already know what needs doing and where to buy supplies online prices start at around $400 per kit—but keep in mind that even with DIY kits costing only half as much as what doctors charge up front (without any discounts), they still won’t come close enough yet not worth considering since they won’t include anesthesia fees or follow-up appointments either way though some people prefer going this route over paying surgeons because they think their skills will be better understood by their doctor than someone else might understand them

Is This a DIY Project?

This kit is a great option for those who want to do the work themselves, but do not have the tools or experience necessary to execute the project. While this is a DIY project, it is by no means simple and requires specialized knowledge and equipment. There are many aspects of this mod that will be challenging for an inexperienced enthusiast looking to make their first modification, so if you’re considering doing your first body lift kit installation on your TJ then I would recommend taking some time off from working on your Jeep and practicing on other cars until you feel comfortable with all of the tools required for this type of job.

A “Jeep tummy tuck,” also called a “tummy tuck kit” or an “under skid plate,” is an aftermarket kit that repositions the underside of your Jeep while not lifting the body. The idea is that you can get similar off-roading benefits to a body lift without the visual drawbacks.

While there are many pitfalls to buying your own Jeep tummy tuck kit, it can be a great way to get the benefits of lifting the body without paying for a full-blown body lift. The cost savings and flexibility make this an appealing option for those who don’t want to spend thousands on their vehicle but still want it to look good off-road.

Jeep Tj Body Lift Instructions

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