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Jlo Tummy Tuck

Jlo Tummy Tuck

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Jlo Tummy Tuck

I loved my weird jiggly belly’: Jennifer Lopez opens up about how she ‘earned’ her post-baby body

  • Mother-of-two Jennifer, 43, gained 50lbs during pregnancy
  • ‘Watched back, belly and butt grow’ and thought she would never be same
  • Remembers having weird jiggly belly – but ‘kind of loved it’

She has one of the most admired bodies in showbusiness and, at 43, is still showing off her toned physique in skintight outfits that women 20 years younger would struggle to pull off.

But fitness fanatic Jennifer Lopez has revealed that there was one moment in her life when she was delighted not to have a taut figure.

‘When I got pregnant I remember watching my back, belly and butt grow and thinking, “I will never be the same again,”‘ she said.
There was one moment in Jennifer Lopez' life when she was delighted not to have a taut figure

There was one moment in Jennifer Lopez’ life when she was delighted not to have a taut figure

‘Then I remember right after the twins were born having that weird jiggly belly  – and kind of loving that. Because I earned that jiggly belly.’

The Dance Again singer, who turns 44 next month, gained around 50lbs when she was pregnant with twins Max and Emme, now five.


She told The Sunday Telegraph‘s Stella magazine it took her ‘a whole year’ to regain her famous figure.

The singer, a devotee of celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, came up with novel ways of  shifting the post-pregnancy pounds – including taking part in a triathlon six months after giving birth.

Jennifer was spotted looking in great shape on Friday while out promoting her new mobile phone company Viva Móvil, which caters specifically for Latinos.

Making sure all eyes were on her, the confident former American Idol judge chose an outfit which perfectly highlighted her feminine figure.

Bronx native Jennifer chose a white pencil skirt which clung to her shape in all the right places as she shot the advert in Brooklyn, New York.

She teamed the skirt with a hot pink blouse and towering nude heels which added to the glamour of her ensemble.

She also looked stunning at the amfAR gala wearing a skintight dress which showed off her toned figure on Thursday night.

J-Lo, who was at the the fourth annual amfAR Inspiration Gala at The Plaza Hotel in New York, looked immaculate in the metallic blue gown – which has also been seen on British models Lily Cole and Liberty Ross.

To complement the outfit, Jennifer wore black mesh, open-toe heels and carried a black box clutch bag, keeping her jewellery to a minimum with just a few Harry Winston rings and small earrings to match.

Her nude make-up design allowed the dress to speak volumes for her style, with her caramel blonde hair scraped back into a sophisticated pony-tail.

The former American Idol judge tweeted before the event: ‘Change can happen when we come together. Looking forward to tonight’s #amfARInspiration NY Gala to benefit #HIV #AIDS research!!!’

After the event, Jennifer tweeted: ‘Beautiful evening #amfARInspiration! So humbled to be honored by these agents of change.’

Bringing together famous faces from the world of fashion, music, cinema and more, amfAR hope to build AIDS awareness throughout the world.

Whether she’s singing, dancing or acting, Jennifer Lopez is a performer who is known for giving it all she’s got. But during one show, Lopez recently admitted, she gave a bit more then she had planned.

“I chipped my tooth on stage,” she told interviewers from Entertainment Tonight, “and had to finish the show….I went back thinking ‘Can I finish the show like this?’”

With that unlucky break, J-Lo joins a growing list of superstar singers—including Taylor Swift and Michael Buble—who have something in common: All have chipped their teeth on microphones while giving a performance.

But it’s not just celebs who have accidental dental trouble. Chips are among the most common dental injuries—and the front teeth, due to their position, are particularly susceptible. Unfortunately, they are also the most visible. But there are also a number of good ways to repair chipped, cracked or broken teeth short of replacing them.

For minor to moderate chips, cosmetic bonding might be recommended. In this method, special high-tech resins, in shades that match your natural teeth, are applied to the tooth’s surface. Layers of resin, cured with a special light, will often restore the tooth to good appearance. Best of all, the whole process can often be done in just one visit to the dental office, and the results can last for several years.

For a more permanent repair—or if the damage is more extensive—dental veneers may be another option. Veneers are wafer-thin shells that cover the entire front surface of one or more teeth. Strong, durable and natural-looking, they can be used to repair moderate chips, cracks or irregularities. They can also help you get a “red-carpet” smile: brilliant white teeth with perfectly even spacing. That’s why veneers are so popular among Hollywood celebs—even those who haven’t chipped their teeth!

Fortunately, even if the tooth is extensively damaged, it’s usually possible to restore it with a crown (cap), a bridge—or a dental implant, today’s gold standard for whole-tooth replacement. But in many cases, a less complex type of restoration will do the trick.

Which tooth restoration method did J-Lo choose? She didn’t say—but luckily for her adoring fans, after the microphone mishap she went right back up on stage and finished the show.

Playing Selena Quintanilla in the 1997 biopic about the late Tejano singer literally turned Jennifer Lopez’s career around. It was her first major film role, even inspiring her to become a singer. “[The movie] made me realize, don’t neglect parts of yourself and let people put you in a box because you’re an actress. You can do this, and you can also do that,” she told Billboard in 2005 for the 20th anniversary of Selena’s death. “Life is short, and you don’t know what’s going to happen. Go for your dreams and don’t let anyone hold you back.”

But what’s interesting is that Lopez doesn’t actually sing in the movie. The voice you hear every time Selena performs on stage or records a new song is the late singer’s, with Lopez lip-syncing to her tracks.

There is one exception: in the scene where Selena performs in front of a large crowd in Monterrey, Mexico, as the band fears the stage might collapse, you can hear Lopez’s voice as she starts Selena’s hit “Como la Flor” on a slower melody to soothe the crowds. Only the first three words are in her voice, but interestingly enough, that moment marked the beginning of Lopez’s amazing musical career.

1. An estimated 22,000 actresses were screened for the role of Selena Quintanilla. Eventually, Jennifer Lopez was selected, with 9-year-old Becky Lee Meza playing her as a child.
2. The Quintanilla family chose to make the movie as a “pre-emptive strike” since other unauthorized films about Selena’s life were already in production shortly after her death.

3. Both Salma Hayek and Mexican soap opera actress Bibi Gaytán were “approached” to play the role of Selena.

4. At the time, Jennifer Lopez became the highest-paid Latina in Hollywood history, earning a million dollars for her role.

5. Director Gregory Nava had to fight to get Lopez the role because Warner Bros. was talking to other non-Latina actresses to play Selena.

6. To prepare for the role, the cast spent much of their time with the Quintanilla family. Lopez actually moved in with Suzette Quintanilla in Corpus Christi, Texas.

7. Several Latino advocacy groups protested Lopez’s casting in the role of Selena, feeling a New Yorker with Puerto Rican heritage was not fit to play a Mexican-American from Texas.

8. The movie inspired Lopez to pursue a career in music.

9. Although Lopez had to sing and dance in the audition, the film used Selena’s actual singing voice for all the songs.

10. Jennifer Lopez only sang three words in the entire film. It was during the Monterrey concert where she begins the slow version of “Como La Flor.”

11. At first, Abraham Quintanilla did not approve of Gregory Nava as the director of the film because he had “an ego problem.”

12. Abraham Quintanilla wanted Nava to remove the scene where Selena and Chris Perez (Selena’s guitarist/husband) elope because he “didn’t want Selena’s fans to think that [eloping] is the right thing to do.”

13. Since Jon Seda was unable to play the guitar like Chris Perez, they had the actual Chris Perez visit the set so he could play for a close-up. It was a one-shot deal.

14. A total of 35,000 extras arrived for the scene where Selena performed her final concert at the Houston Astrodome.

15. The concert scene where Selena sings at the Houston Astrodome was actually shot at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

6. Edward James Olmos gained 50 pounds in order to play Abraham Quintanilla.

17. Constance Marie required four hours of makeup time to look like Selena’s mother, Marcella Quintanilla.

18. Marie plays Jennifer Lopez’s mother in the film, even though she’s only four years older than Lopez.

19. She is also 46 days younger than Jackie Guerra, who plays Selena’s sister, Suzette.

20. Lupe Ontiveros was 54 when she played 34-year-old Yolanda Saldivar.

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