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Laser for Bikini Line

A laser hair removal session for your bikini line typically lasts around 25 minutes, making it a quick and efficient way to achieve smooth, hair-free skin. These sessions are spaced 6 weeks apart initially and become even less frequent as your treatment progresses. This means that you will save a significant amount of time on hair removal in the long run, as the need for constant shaving or waxing will be greatly reduced. Laser hair removal offers a convenient and effective solution for those looking to eliminate unwanted hair in a more permanent way.

For people who prefer maintaining the bikini area, waxing and shaving can be painful and inconvenient. Unlike other hair removal methods, laser hair removal is an excellent solution to get rid of unwanted hair permanently, especially in sensitive areas of the body.

Read on to learn more about Laser For Bikini Line, How Does Laser Scar Removal Work? and What Do Laser Treatments Entail?

Laser for Bikini Line

Laser hair removal is a procedure to remove unwanted body hair. People may want the treatment on their underarms, back or bikini area. It’s not permanent, but the results last longer than shaving or waxing. Most people need about six treatments. It’s usually safe, but side effects can include burns, scars or permanent skin discoloration.

Laser hair removal is a procedure to remove unwanted hair on your body. It’s noninvasive, which means it doesn’t require any cuts in your skin. People may get this treatment on any part of their body, but the most common areas are:

  • Face.
  • Underarms.
  • Bikini area, or any areas that grow pubic hair.
  • Back.
  • Legs.

What Are Brazilian and Bikini Laser Hair Removal?

These treatments are both ways to remove all or some of the unwanted hair that grows in the pubic region.

They differ only slightly:

  • Bikini hair removal targets the hair on the sides of the pubic area (and sometimes at the top).
  • Brazilian hair removal gets rid of ALL of your pubic hair.

Both are safe and effective ways to remove hair so you can look and feel your best when wearing a bikini bottom.

Both methods provide long-term results. They eliminate the need for shaving, waxing, and plucking. You may need follow-up treatments to keep the area 100% hair-free, but it works.

Everyone is different, though. Some people see hair reduction for a few months while others enjoy smooth, stubble-free skin for years. Laser hair removal is also a great way to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs, which are common in this part of the body.

What Do Laser Treatments Entail?

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Both bikini and Brazilian laser hair removal involve the use of laser technology. The laser sends light pulses into the follicle of each hair, destroying the root so that hair can no longer grow.

Individual hairs grow at different rates, so laser removal requires several treatments to remove all of the hair completely.

The hair growth cycle involves three stages, and the laser is only effective when the hair is in the active growth stage. Multiple treatment sessions (spaced out by a few weeks) ensure that each hair is destroyed when it’s growing.

Laser hair removal works for people of all skin types, but those with fair skin and dark hair tend to see the best results.

Does It Hurt?

The biggest benefit of laser hair removal is that it’s not too painful. Most patients only feel minor discomfort. It is often compared to the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin.

Before the procedure, your laser technician will use cooling methods to soothe the skin. This reduces the amount of pain you feel.

How to Prepare for Laser Bikini Treatments

The first step of treatment is to schedule a consultation with a licensed technician.

During the consultation, your technician will give you an estimate of how many treatments you’ll need. They’ll also explain how the process works and what to do before and after each one.

To minimize side effects and see the best results, it is important to do what your technician says in the days and weeks leading up to treatment.

About six weeks before treatment, you’ll need to stop plucking and waxing, as the hair follicle needs to be intact for the laser to work. You’ll also need to stop tanning so that your skin has natural levels of melanin during treatment.

In the days leading up to your treatment, you’ll need to avoid certain medications, such as blood thinners and pain relievers. Your technician may also ask you to shave the area the day before your first session.

To learn everything you should and shouldn’t do before the procedure, check out our full guide on How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal.

What to Expect After Treatment

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Everyone’s body reacts differently to laser hair removal. Some people report minor side effects, but most side effects subside within a few hours of treatment.

It is common for the skin to swell or redden in the first few hours after a session. Aloe vera is usually all you need to soothe and calm the skin.

Some patients may also experience minor itching in the hours after treatment. Aloe vera can help with that, too.

As for the results, everyone is different. Don’t expect to see immediate results after your first treatment. It usually takes days (and sometimes even weeks) to start seeing hair loss. In fact, you may need to have multiple treatment sessions before you see any results at all.

Aftercare for Bikini and Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

To minimize side effects, you must follow the proper aftercare plan. People who don’t care for the treated area can experience more severe side effects, such as scarring and blistering.

First and foremost, it’s essential to avoid sun exposure. This includes natural and artificial sun, as both can have adverse effects.

In the days following your treatment, you should wear loose clothing. You should also avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, and other activities that may cause excess sweat. You’ll need to gently exfoliate the skin in preparation for each session and avoid using extremely hot or cold water.

Be sure to discuss your aftercare plan with your technician prior to treatment so you know what to expect.

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Think you’re ready to have laser hair removal in your bikini area? Here’s how to start the process and make your treatments as successful as possible:

  • Schedule a consultation with a licensed laser technician.
  • Follow pre-treatment orders in the days and weeks leading up to your treatment.
  • Adhere to a strict aftercare plan to minimize side effects and enjoy the best results.

How Does Laser Scar Removal Work?

There are two types of laser treatment available, including CO2 laser therapy and fractional laser therapy.

CO2 laser therapy. This type of therapy uses short pulses of light or continuous light beams to remove thin layers of skin with minimal damage to the surrounding skin. A small amount of scar tissue is targeted during each treatment, so you may need multiple visits for larger scars. Recovery time for this type of therapy can be up to two weeks.

Fractional laser therapy. Fractional therapy uses many narrow columns of light, causing the collagen in the scar to tighten. Less of your skin is injured in the process, but — because the laser goes deeper — there’s also the possibility for additional scarring and increased recovery time. The typical recovery time for this type of treatment is one week.

If you’re considering laser treatment, make an appointment with a dermatologist to discuss the procedure. They’ll look at the scar you want treated and make a recommendation for the best type of laser treatment.

What Can You Expect After Laser Scar Removal?

After the laser treatment, a bandage will be applied and should be left on for 24 hours. After that, you should clean the area between 2 to 5 times per day with a saline solution or a diluted vinegar solution. You can also apply a healing ointment, like Eucerin or Aquaphor. The goal is to prevent a scab from forming. 

Healing time is typically between 5 to 21 days, depending on the type of treatment. Once the area has healed, there may be some redness for as long as a few months.

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal on Bikini Area

There are some possible side effects of using laser treatment, including:

Aggravating cold sores. If you have a history of cold sores, laser treatments can aggravate them, especially if the treatment is around your mouth. Let your doctor know if this is a concern, and they should be able to give you an antiviral medication before the treatment.

Milia. Milia are small, white bumps, similar to tiny whiteheads. They’re not a serious complication but can be annoying or unsightly. Gentle exfoliation with a warm cloth should remove them. If this doesn’t help, your dermatologist can also remove them.

Hyperpigmentation. There may be a darkening effect on your skin after laser treatment. You can use a skin-lightening cream if you’re concerned about it. You should also use sunscreen if you’re spending time out in the sun after treatment.

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