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Laser For Pubic Hair Removal 3 Sessions

Laser for pubic hair removal is becoming a more popular option for those looking to remove their unwanted body hair. It’s a fairly quick and relatively painless procedure that can be done in the comfort of your own home. Pubic laser removal is a lot less expensive than other options like waxing or shaving, and it’s also much less time consuming. You won’t have to spend hours on end at the salon or in your bathroom trying to get rid of your unwanted hair. The time you do spend with lasers for pubic hair removal will be just long enough to get rid of the hair you don’t want anymore and leave your skin looking smooth and healthy.

While it may seem like there isn’t much difference between laser treatments for pubic hair removal and other methods like shaving or waxing, there are actually several advantages associated with this particular type of treatment. The first advantage is that it doesn’t require any additional products besides those that come with the machine itself (such as creams or gels). You don’t need anything else—just a few minutes of your time every few weeks in order to maintain a clean shave or waxed look every time.

Read on to learn more about Laser For Pubic Hair Removal 3 Sessions, How to Prepare For Laser Hair Removal and Best Way o Remove Underarm Hair For Teenager

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Laser For Pubic Hair Removal 3 Sessions

I’ve spent years telling myself that I’m ready to get laser hair removal. Sure, it can be expensive and uncomfortable, and depending on the area of choice—it involves letting a stranger get up close and personal with your most intimate parts. But, as someone who waxes and shaves often, to imagine an end to the inconvenience, time, and ingrown hairs that I experience made that tired beauty-is-pain mantra seem like a worthy reality.

Simply put, there’s a lot to discuss when it comes to the social constructs around our beauty choices, and I want to make one thing clear: Body hair is nothing to be ashamed of. Permanent beauty procedures, laser included, are an extremely personal choice and aren’t for everyone. That being said, for me, laser treatment was not about ridding myself of hair completely. Instead, it was about simplifying my personal beauty routine and making my life just a little bit easier.

So, sick of the expense of monthly waxes and feeling ready to finally check an item off my to-do list, I decided the time had come to take the plunge. I walked into my first session at top NYC salon Spruce & Bond (which is no longer operating as of October 2019) not sure what to expect (besides pain). Then, I put on a pair of protective sunglasses, ready for what was to come.

Ahead, esthetician Ashley Taylor, who gently talked me through the step-by-step process during my appointments, and dermatologist Rachel Maiman, MD, explain how laser hair removal works and what to expect from the treatment.


  • Ashley Taylor is a licensed medical esthetician who previously worked at Spruce and Bond.
  • Rachel Maiman, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective ways to remove unwanted hair from the body and face. “Laser hair removal works by sending light at a specific wavelength that targets melanin, the pigment that colors hair, at a depth sufficient to act on the hair bulb,” says Dr. Maiman. “The intended outcome, hair removal, results from thermal injury to the hair bulb produced when the energy in the light is absorbed by the pigment located there.”

It is important to have a pre-treatment consultation with a professional to determine what type of wavelength will be used based on the patient’s skin color and type. If skin color and laser settings aren’t accounted for accurately (i.e. targeted enough), the skin can be burned.1

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The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Lasers use pulsed light to target, break down, and destroy the dark pigment in the hair. This is why it works so well on dark hair.2 But, unfortunately, this also means the lasers will also target skin pigments, which can cause discoloration.

Lasers and pulsed lights work best on people with darker hair and lighter skin tones. According to Dr. Maiman, “the ideal candidates for laser hair removal are patients with light skin and dark hair. In patients with blonde hair, the laser is relatively ineffective because there is minimal pigment present in the hair bulb for it to target, and it relies on this target for its mechanism of action.” However, there are devices like the Diode and Nd-Yag, created to give results to people with light hair or dark skin.

For deeper skin tones, using the incorrect type of machine and lasers can cause discoloration.3 If your skin is dark, you should never subject yourself to an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment. “Those with darker skin are at higher risk of adverse events like potentially permanent hyper or hypopigmentation. This is because they have more pigment surrounding the hair follicle that can be inadvertently hit and destroyed by the laser,” says Dr. Maiman. “This, of course, does not mean that patients with darker skin tones cannot get laser hair removal. It simply means that going to a board-certified dermatologist is even more important because it is critical that the provider choose the right laser and use the right settings to minimize risk.”

Lasers have come a long way and the technology is continually improving. When you book your appointment, describe your skin tone and hair color and ask the salon what lasers they use (and if they’ll provide results with your hair and skin tone). Some businesses specialize in the removal of light hair or lasers for deeper skin tones, making it easier to know what kind of treatment you’d receive there. 

How to Prepare For Laser Hair Removal

Once you decide what type of laser is best for your hair and skin tone, you’ll likely be told to either shave a day or two before your sessions. Taylor told me to “shave the area to be treated the night before or the morning of the treatment and take a pain reliever at least 30 minutes before if needed.”

You’ll also want to avoid tanning and self-tanners before and after treatment. It is possible that you will need to stop taking certain medications to avoid adverse effects, so be honest about everything you take.

On the day of your appointment, avoid using any products on your skin, including lotions, deodorant, or anything else. Be sure to check with your aesthetician about any other things you should and should not do before and after your sessions.

The pulsed light in laser hair removal feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin, although some machines perform differently. Not every zap will hurt and some areas, like the lower legs, hurt more than others, like your thighs.

What To Expect from Laser Hair Removal

The beauty-is-pain trope may feel a bit played out these days, but I can’t lie, as I found the process to be uncomfortable. While appointments are quick—no more than 20 minutes for me—my best description of the procedure is that it’s as if you are repeatedly being snapped by a rubber band. Different places also hurt differently, so keep that in mind when discussing with your technician the areas in which you’re going to get the procedure done.

I was also surprised to learn that there’s no guarantee that any area will be completely bare just because you complete a treatment plan. “A common misconception is that the hair will be completely gone after three to five treatments and never grow again,” Taylor notes. “You can expect to need at least five to 10 treatments every four to six weeks to achieve a 70 percent to 90 percent overall reduction. After every treatment, you will see a gradual lessening of hair: The hair will start growing finer, lighter, and slower.”

At-Home Vs. In-Office

While not as effective as in-office treatments, at-home hair removal devices have come a long way. “At home devices work similarly to professional treatments but use lower energy levels. They are more time-consuming to use, but they can help and are a great option to maintain improvements between professional treatments,” says Dr. Maiman. “The majority of at-home hair removal devices don’t actually use lasers, but instead use Intense Pulse Light (IPL), a light-based technology that targets melanin to destroy the hair follicle after repeated treatments. Because IPL emits a broad spectrum of light, rather than a single wavelength, it’s safe for a wide variety of skin tones.”

Dr. Maiman recommends the Silk’n Infinity 400,000 because its design allows for easy and fast treatment of large areas of skin and it also has five energy levels to customize the treatment. “While extremely safe, it is hard to cover a lot of surface area. These are best used for in-between treatments or small areas such as the upper lip,” she adds.

Side Effects

Also on the no-go list: sun exposure. “If a laser is used over a body part with recent sun exposure, it would be too much heat on the skin and could cause burning, hyperpigmentation (dark marks), and scarring.” So while it may be tempting to soak up the sun, you’ll want to make sure that any tanning is at least two weeks before or one week after your session. Because of this, I’d recommend starting treatments in the fall or winter (especially if you live in a cold climate), so come summertime, sun exposure is no longer a concern.

Also, avoid drinking the night before or day of a laser treatment, according to Taylor. “Often during hangovers, our nervous system goes into an amplified state, experiencing shaking, sweating, and sensitivity to light, touch, and sound, ” she says.

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Typically, the process of laser hair removal can take around six months with appointments every four to six weeks. But it’s not unusual to see some results from the beginning. For me, after my first session, hair grew back much sparser than before. Still, it takes weeks for hair to fall out, and more sessions to have hair totally eliminated. Exfoliating in the shower with a sugar scrub will help speed along the process.


This hair-zapping service can come with a hefty price tag and can vary depending on your location and the area you want free of fuzz. If you’re treating a small area like the upper lip, expect to pay anywhere between $100-150 per session, but for areas like the legs and arms you should expect to dish out a couple hundred dollars.

The Final Takeaway

I know it’s obvious, but I want to reiterate the fact that everyone will have a different idea as to which procedure is right for them. As with makeup and skincare, there are trends in laser hair removal, but what’s popular now does not have to be what’s right for you. While Taylor notes that underarm, bikini, and lower leg seem to be the most popular areas of treatment in her experience, she’s seen shifts in preferences over time. “Women used to get the full Brazilian and remove everything four or more years ago,” she notes. “Now they’re keeping a larger triangle and removing everything underneath. I’ve heard this called, ‘the full-bush Brazilian.'” So know that as a personal (and mostly permanent) choice, this is a procedure that’s entirely up to you.

Best Way o Remove Underarm Hair For Teenager

How to remove underarm hair naturally 

How important is grooming for you? We all want to look our absolute best when we step out of our homes, making sure that everything is on point right from our hair to our attires. We all plan for hours before heading out for an important occasion. Most of us tend to take care of our hair and skin to the T and it shows when we head out from our homes. We also tend to take care of how we look by shaving off those extra and unwanted hair from various parts of our body. While many indulge in waxing sessions, others go for razors to shave their legs and arms. But amid all this, we forget to pay attention to one part that too requires your attention: underarms.

When you wear that sleeveless, off shoulder dress, you do not want any peeking hairs to spoil your look. Underarm hairs can be a real turn off and can completely take away the essence of your attire. So, if you don’t want those unwanted underarm hairs taking away all the charm, you may start getting to know how to remove them.

While many of us do remove our underarm hair via waxing or shaving, do you know there are many other natural ways to get rid of them? So, if you have sensitive skin and hate waxing, then follow these natural ways.  

1. Lemon and Sugar pack

Lemon and Sugar pack is one of the best ways to remove all those unwanted underarm hairs. This pack also helps to lighten your skin. Take a tablespoon of sugar and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, mix the two together and form a smooth paste. Apply it to your underarms and spread evenly in the direction of your hair growth. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then, wipe with a wet washcloth. 

2. Egg white and Cornflour

This may be a smelly pack but it is super-effective. It exfoliates the underarm skin gently and nourishes it well while thinning the growth of hair on it. Take 1/2 tablespoon cornflour, 1 tablespoon sugar. Apply the pack evenly in your underarms and then peel off in the opposite direction.

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3. Milk and turmeric pack

Take 3 tablespoons of raw milk, 1/2 tablespoon turmeric, and make a smooth paste out of it. Apply the mixture on your underarm hair and leave it on for half an hour. Once it dries completely, soak a clean towel in warm water and wipe the paste off. 

With these natural underarm hair removal ideas, we hope you get the best grooming you can! 

Best way to remove underarm hair for teenager naturally

Long, shiny, bouncy are some of the adverbs women want people to describe their beautiful tresses as, the tresses that adorn and are the crown of their head. Women take various measures to maintain them and help them grow. But when it comes to body hair, women’s opinion exactly contradicts the one they have about hair on the head; they want to get rid of body hair. It is important to understand that the main function of body hair is to cover and act as a cushion for sensitive body parts against the external damages. So, having hair in different parts of the body is beneficial. But for many people, especially women, body hair tends to affect their looks and aesthetic wellbeing and therefore opting to remove them permanently is the best solution. The usual issues faced, especially by women, are about facial and armpit hair and fittingly there are different techniques through which they can be permanently removed at salons. However, hair removal, especially on the underarms can be performed at home. Doing so at home is not just cost effective, but natural and more importantly, safe.

Underarm Hair removal for women


There are quite a ways to remove underarm hair for women. While some of the techniques are not painful, they do not give the desired result. Similarly, some techniques can hurt but provide long lasting results. Few of the usual techniques for underarm hair removal are:

  • • Shaving Underarm Hair:Benefits:The most common thought for any gender when it comes to removing body hair is shaving. It is the easiest, most readily available and the most cost effective way of removing armpit hair. Shaving is a quick process with a person needing a good razor and a good quality, no side-effect causing cream.Drawback:The short-hand of shaving is that it will not give long lasting effects and may result in causing rashes and cuts on the armpit area, sometimes leading to itchiness and burning sensations. However, if shaving is combined with other products available at the stores, it can provide longer relief from underarm hair.Underarm hair removal by Shaving
  • • Tweezing :Benefits:Tweezing has its advantages and disadvantages when compared to shaving. The positive being that tweezing gives a more long-lasting effect than shaving with the effect lasting for 4-5 days than the 2-3 days when you shave the underarm.Drawback :However, tweezing can be very painful as it involves plucking of hair and the underarm being a sensitive area, it can cause discomfort. Tweezing is a better option when it comes to removing facial hair.
  • • Underarm Waxing :Benefits:Waxing is a method that results in semi-permanent effect when removing hair i.e. it removes hair for up to three weeks. This requires the use of hot wax at the desired body areas. The hot wax is applied with the help of a cloth, which is then removed by pulling in the opposite direction of the hair growth direction in a swift motion.Drawback:Though effective, waxing can be a painful experience.Underarm Hair removal by Waxing
  • • Epilators :Benefits:It is an electronic device that removes body hair by holding onto it and pulling it out. It is easy to operate and causes less pain while removing body hair. However, epilators might not work well on all skin types and may end up darkening the skin.Drawback :Make sure your armpit hair is not too long as it can cause the device to get tangled and make the experience hurtful.While all these are the artificial methods are effective in their own ways, there are several homemade methods for underarm hair removal which are equally and more effective, both performance and cost wise. Some of these useful and thoughtful home remedies are mentioned below.


  • • Using Turmeric PasteTurmeric has been boon for the mankind for its medicinal value but not many people know that it was one of the ancient ways of body hair removal. This is a totally painless and a long lasting method.Requirements :
    • Half cup turmeric powder
    • Rosewater
    • Warm water
    • Dry towel
    Procedure :
    • Make a thick turmeric paste using turmeric and rose water
    • Stir the paste well and apply on the underarm hair
    • Once applied leave it to settle for half an hour
    • Wash the paste with the towel soaked in warm water
    • Softly rub the area dry and repeat the process to remove underarm hair
    Turmeric paste for Underarm Hair Removal
  • • Using Homemade Sugar WaxOne of the natural remedies for permanent hair removal is the use of sugar wax. This is not only cost effective but also provides long-lasting effects. Sugar wax can be made at home with just 3 cups sugar, half-cup water, and ¼ cup of lemon juice.Requirements :
    • Put sugar in a pre-heated pan and add water to it
    • Stir it well to mix and cook till the sugar totally dissolves and leaves a brown caramel color substance
    • Pour lemon juice to the mixture and stir it till it becomes a waxy solution. This can take around 20 mins
    • Put the wax into a heat resistant bowl and allow it to cool down
    Procedure :
    • Wash the body area with warm water and rub it dry with a towel.
    • Put the wax on the body area and spread it with a spatula
    • Place a waxing strip on the applied wax and press it well
    • Remove the strip with a quick jerk in the opposite direction of hair
    • Put moisturizer on the waxed area for soothing and calming any inflammation or pain
    Sugar Wax for Underarm Hair Removal
  • • Using Honey Lemon Mixture for Underarm Hair RemovalHoney and lemon both have been the source of physical treatment even though they aren’t as popular with regards to hair removal. Honey, if applied regularly, is a useful resource for hair removal.Requirements :
    • 3 tablespoon honey
    • 3 drops lemon juice
    • Warm water
    • Dry towel
    Procedure :
    • To begin with, mix honey and lemon juice together and stir well
    • Apply the mixture on the underarm area and leave it on for 15-20mins
    • Wash it with a towel soaked in warm water or rinse it off with warm water
    • Softly rub the area dry. This treatment is to be repeated for 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks for permanent hair removal.
    Honey and Lemon Mixture for Underarm Hair removal
  • • Using Corn Flour & Egg PasteIt is a wonderful experience to know that our kitchen is full of remedies for various issues. In this case, corn flour and egg paste is a painless process to remove underarm hair. Although it is a time consuming process and requires multiple application.Requirements :
    • An egg
    • ½ teaspoon corn flour
    • 1 teaspoon sugar
    All the above ingredients are to be added and mixed thoroughly to make a pasteProcedure :
    • Paste needs to be applied on the underarm hair area
    • Let it settle and dry
    • Once dried, peel off the dried up paste
    • This process is to be repeated every week for permanent underarm hair removal
  • • Using Lentil and PotatoThis is an effective treatment of removing body hair in India since ages. The potato contains special properties that help to dry out your skin and hair follicles, and mixing it with the dried lentils makes it easier for the hair to be pulled out.Requirements :
    • 1 potato
    • 1 bowl of dried yellow lentils
    • 1 tablespoon of honey
    • 1 lemon
    Procedure :
    • Soak lentil in water overnight to easily crush later
    • Crush the potato and squeeze its juice in a bowl
    • Mix potato juice with crushed lentil
    • Apply mixture and keep on for 20 minutes
    • Wipe the paste off
  • • Using Basil and Onion PasteDid you know that onion not only makes your dishes delicious but also can help remove unwanted hair when combined with basil? All you have to do is a little practice to discover the slight transparent films that lie between the layers of an onion.Requirements :
    • Basil leaves- 10-12
    • Onions- 2
    Procedure :
    • Take out the flimsy transparent layers from between the onion layers
    • Now squash the basil leaves alongside the onion films to get a glue
    • Apply this glue on your unwanted hair
    • Leave for 15-20 minutes
    • Wash off with water
    • Repeat this 3-4 times each week for a month or two to uproot your unwanted hair
    Above-mentioned techniques are mostly painless and cost effective. Though time consuming, they have a long-lasting effect in removing underarm body hair. It is important to clean underarm hair regularly to maintain physical hygiene and avoid body odour issues, as armpits are one of the major sources of body odour since they are dense and absorb more sweat.


Armpit hair is also known as axillary hair and enables more sweat through the axillary gland compared to the other body areas. More sweat results in stronger bacterial influence that produces strong body odour. However, if the armpit has less hair it would enable less sweat and hence lesser bacteria. Moreover, if the armpit hair are not removed or cleaned, it can cause the following ailments:

  • Axillary Intertrigo :Skin inflammation caused by moisture, heat and friction is known as intertrigo. Excessive underarm hair is a dense source of sweat and the moisture can result in the growth of pathogenic bacteria, fungi and yeasts
  • Rashes & Burning Sensation :More hair results in friction which generates heat which can cause rashes and burning sensation
  • Breast Cancer :Armpit is home to lymphatic nodes and breast cancer is mainly spread through lymphatic vessels to lymphatic nodes


Underarm hair may seem to be a harmless affair but it can cause quite a few irritations if persisted with. While there are many natural and DIY processes for underarm hair removal, we at Kaya can help you get rid of your body hair issues on a permanent basis. At Kaya, we use US FDA approved Nd-YAG laser that’s really safe for the Indian skin. Laser hair removal* will help in saying permanent goodbyes to your body hair worries. Kaya Hair Free Gentle Touch finds out the type of hair you have and on the basis of that hair removal treatment is customized to give you a painless and long lasting resolution.

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