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Mini Tummy Tuck Before And After Pictures Uk

The mini tummy tuck is a relatively new procedure that is designed to give the patient a more dramatic result than the traditional tummy tuck. The procedure is also called a mini abdominoplasty, or simply tummy tuck, and it has been gaining popularity over the last few years as more and more patients are seeking out less invasive procedures to improve their appearance.

The procedure can be done in either an outpatient or inpatient setting depending on how much time you want to spend recovering from surgery. In many cases, it is recommended that people receive general anesthesia during their surgery so they will be able to sleep through most of their recovery period.

The procedure itself typically lasts between two and three hours depending on how much fat needs to be removed from around the abdomen area. During this time, your surgeon will make an incision around your belly button area and then remove any excess skin that remains after losing weight or having children (or both!). Once this has been completed, the doctor will close up the incision site using stitches made from dissolvable material so these do not need to be removed later on down the road; however, if you have any questions about what types of materials might be used during your operation please ask before making any decisions!

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Mini Tummy Tuck Before And After Pictures Uk

Tummy Tuck Explained

A flabby abdomen is often a consequence of significant weight loss and is common in women who have had several pregnancies.

The abdominoplasty allows obtaining a slimmer abdomen and a narrow waistline.

Surgery is performed in the operating room, under general anaesthesia; the skin incision is made in the upper pubic region, from one side to the other, and around the navel. The skin located below the navel is removed, while the skin of the upper abdomen is stretched downwards.

If necessary, the abdominal muscles are brought together, and the transversalis fascia will be strengthened. The navel is sutured in a new position.

If needed, drainage tubes will be inserted after surgery; they allow to suck small bleedings during the first 24 hours after surgery and will be removed after 1-2 days.

What to expect? 

In the weeks following the surgery, the patient will have to wear an elastic support bodysuit. The stitches will be removed after 2/3 weeks.

The scars around the navel and in the upper pubic region will clear after a few months and become less visible.

When skin laxity is mainly located over the pubis region, in the lower abdomen, it is possible to carry out a less complex procedure, called mini-abdominoplasty (mini tummy tuck), which consists in the removal of a portion of skin from the lower region of the abdomen.

If extra fat is not too much and the skin has a suitable elasticity, it is possible to correct the abdominal imperfection just with liposuction.

Both the mini-abdominoplasty and the abdominal liposuction can be performed with local anaesthesia and sedation.

Like all surgeries, also the abdominoplasty has potential complications: wound infections are rare and are treated with antibiotics; thromboembolic episodes are prevented by resuming walking as quickly as possible and, if needed, with appropriate medical treatment.

Smoking may adversely affect wound healing, causing delayed healing and affecting the final cosmetic outcome of the scar, so smokers should refrain from smoking for 1 week prior to surgery and for 2 weeks thereafter. In any case, however, a scar that is very visible can be corrected later on under local anaesthesia.

An abdominoplasty or ‘tummy tuck‘ is a procedure that will improve the shape of your tummy by removing excess tissue. You may be suitable for a tummy tuck if you are affected by the appearance of your stomach after weight loss or pregnancy. A tummy tuck can also help tidy up bulges or improve scars from caesarian section or hysterectomy.

All tummy tuck before and after photos are of patients who have given consent for their images to be published on this site. All patients have been operated on by Quaba Plastic Surgery. No claims are made that results are guaranteed to be the same. Results will vary by the individual patient, and no guarantees are made. Images are shown for informational purposes only. View Full Disclaimer

Tummy tuck with muscle tightening *

The before and after photos below are those of a patient who had a standard abdominoplasty. She had tightening of her abdominal muscles (rectus plication) and some liposuction around the flanks. The postoperative results are at six months.

Mini tummy tuck *

The photos below are of a lady in her mid-40s who had previous pregnancies and had breastfed all of her children. She had a body mass index of 22 before surgery (was at her ideal weight). Her main concern with her tummy was wrinkling and loose skin below the belly button. She also had concerns about the appearance of her breasts. She had a breast uplift (skin removal only/ minimal breast tissue removed) and a mini tummy tuck. The after photos are shown 9 months post-op.

Drainless tummy tuck *

This lady is in her late 30s wanted to improve the appearance of her tummy. She has a caesarian section scar from a previous pregnancy. She was at her ideal weight which is helpful in minimising risks and achieving good cosmetic outcomes. Her results are shown at 6 months. Her scars are still very thickened and red at this stage but are so low that they are easily covered.

Tummy tuck and liposuction *

The before and after photos below are those of a patient who had a standard abdominoplasty with liposuction. She also had an augmentation mastopexy (breast lift with implants inserted as a single stage procedure) carried out the same time. The postoperative results are at six months. Note that the abdominal scar is still thickened (hypertrophic) at the centre. The scar would be expected to improve over the next 12 months.

Tummy tuck photos with muscle tightening *

The patient below is a mother in her early 30s with a body mass index of 25. She has a full abdominoplasty procedure with 1.6kg of tissue removed. She had tightening (plication) of her abdominal muscles (no mesh required). Results are shown at six months.

Tummy tuck with extensive trunk liposuction *

The photos below are of a patient in her early 30s who had two previous pregnancies and had had a caesarian section. She had a tummy tuck procedure with tightening of her abdominal muscles (rectus plication). The weight of the removed abdominal tissue was 850 grams. She had extensive liposuction to her flanks, back, hips and thighs with 3850 ml of fat aspirated. She also had a breast uplift (mastopexy). All procedures were combined during the same operative session, and the patient spent two nights in the hospital. No postoperative drains were used. The postoperative results are shown at six months.

Tummy tuck with other procedures *

The patient below had a combination of body contouring procedures. She had a full abdominoplasty with repair of her abdominal muscles (for divarication of the rectus muscles). She also had a breast uplift and liposuction to contour her waist and back. Results are shown at six months.

Tummy tuck after pregnancy and weight loss *

The tummy tuck photos below are those of a patient in her 50s who underwent a standard abdominoplasty. She had had two previous pregnancies and also lost three stone in weight. The postoperative results are at six months.

Standard abdominoplasty *
The images below are before and after pictures of a patient who had a full abdominoplasty. Results are shown at six months.

Mini tummy tuck *

This lady was bothered by a small amount of loose skin affecting her lower tummy. She had no excess skin or fat in the upper part of her tummy so was ideal for a mini tummy tuck with some liposuction as well. The postoperative results are at six months.

Tummy Tuck’s are a phenomenal procedure which can transform the look of your stomach. Excess, sagging skin and fat is removed to leave a firmer and flatter abdomen (stomach) and tighten and repair muscles if required. And when performed by a highly skilled and experienced surgeon, you can achieve truly outstanding results.

Tummy Tuck Before and After Photos UK

Take a look at the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) before and after photo results that have been achieved by some of our expert Tummy Tuck Surgeons:

Mini Tummy Tuck Before and After Pictures UK

As well as the standard tummy tuck, a highly reputable clinic should offer a spectrum of tummy tuck procedures, including the mini, extended and Brazilian Tummy Tuck. This means that you can be advised the best procedure for your particular needs. And each tummy tuck treatment should be tailored to you for best results.
To provide more detail on the Mini Tummy Tuck, the popular procedure is suited to patients with minimal excess skin between the stomach button and pubic area, rather than the whole stomach area (as is the case with the standard tummy tuck).
Please see some examples of the mini tummy tuck procedure below:

Tummy Tuck Reviews / Testimonials

As well as seeing before and after photos, patient reviews and testimonials can be highly useful to inform what you can expect with a tummy tuck procedure. See below the stories of our Tummy Tuck patients, Barbara, Marie and Stella and see our tummy tuck website for more patient stories and reviews:

Meet Barbara

“The initial feeling is unreal”
“I am now more comfortable of my own skin.”

Our tummy tuck patient, Barbara, had sagging abdominal skin, a C-section scar and substantial diastasis (separation of the abdominal muscles) after pregnancy, leaving her with an unwanted abdominal bulge that she was unhappy with.
Tired with carrying the excess skin, she decided to choose abdominoplasty to remove the skin as well as repair the muscles. Thrilled with the results, Barbara now feels so much more confident in her body, and that she no longer needs to hide her abdomen.
Read more about Barbara’s tummy tuck testimonial on our website.

Meet Marie

“I am thoroughly enjoying my new flat-tummied life.”
With losing significant weight, Marie’s stomach had lost elasticity, and she was left with excess skin on her stomach. After deliberation, Marie eventually decided to choose a tummy tuck with big motivators being the ability to freely choose clothes she wanted and being able to ditch her support pants. Post-surgery, Marie is thrilled with her results. She is overwhelmed by how clothes are now fitting her, and excited to be able to now exercise ‘without being held back’ by her stomach.
Read more about Marie’s tummy tuck journey on our website.

The procedure was absolutely nowhere near as scary or painful than I imagined it would be; the surgery is so advanced, I had no drain fitted and certainly no complications.”
After loosing a significant amount of weight, Stella was still feeling unhappy with the appearance of her body. Loose skin was left around her stomach which is a very common problem for those who lose a dramatic amount of weight. Stella decided to have a tummy tuck to allow her to finally feel happy with what she had been able to achieve and finally wore a bikini for the first time in her life.
Read more about Stella’s tummy tuck journey on our website.

The Private Clinic for Tummy Tuck

With abdominoplasty at The Private Clinic, we offer a wide selection of tummy tuck types including brazilian abdominoplasty and mini tummy tucks so you can be advised the best option for you, and we tailor results to each patient. We are proud to offer treatment by consultant plastic surgeons who are highly experienced in each of our tummy tuck procedure options.
Tummy Tuck Surgeons

As well as being committed to outstanding results, our tummy tuck surgeons and respective teams are dedicated to patient support and aftercare, in order to provide you the most comfortable journey possible. Our patient aftercare and support includes unlimited an aftercare plan (requiring you to regularly visit your closest clinic to make sure you are healing well), a detailed patient guide and a 24 hour emergency phone line you can call.
Our tummy tuck surgeon consultations and procedures are available in UK wide clinic locations so you can choose a clinic that suits you. These include The Private Clinic in London, Northampton, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.
If you would like to find out more or arrange a tummy tuck consultation with one of our surgeons or a patient advisor please call 0333 920 2471 or you can use our tummy tuck online contact form to request a call back.

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