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Mini Tummy Tuck In Miami

If you are looking to get a mini tummy tuck in Miami, there are several things you need to know. The first thing is that there are many clinics in the city and they can be found easily online. You will also want to make sure that the clinic is reputable and has good reviews from past customers.

The procedure itself will take about two hours, but it can be longer if your doctor needs to perform other procedures at the same time. Your doctor will use liposuction to remove excess fat from the area and then stitch up any scarring from previous surgeries or stretch marks on your abdomen.

After surgery, there may be some discomfort or pain for a few days or weeks depending on how much surgery was performed during your procedure. You should follow all instructions given by your doctor during this time as well as aftercare instructions provided with each individual procedure being done (if any).

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Mini Tummy Tuck In Miami

There are only 9% of people who are currently happy with the look and shape of their bodies. That’s not a lot of people! 

But sometimes, the truth is no matter how much time you spend in the gym or how many fad diets you try, you simply can’t achieve the body of your dreams on your own.

There are countless reasons for this: age, genetics, lifestyle, and a limited amount of free time all play a role in determining the shape of your body.

But there is a way to get the body that you want when you choose to go through with a mini tummy tuck procedure in Miami.

Wondering if it will be the right move for you?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

7 Reasons For a Mini Tummy Tuck in Miami Why You Should Consider a Mini  Tummy Tuck Procedure In Miami

1. Less Recovery Time Than a Full Timmy Tuck

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of having a mini tummy tuck in Miami FL is the fact that it requires much less recovery time than a full abdominoplasty.

If you opt for a complete tummy tuck, then you’re looking at a minimum recovery time of two to three weeks.

In general, you should expect to be able to get back to work and some aspects of your lifestyle in as little as a week.

You’ll also experience much less discomfort throughout the recovery than you would with a full tummy tuck. This is because a mini tummy tuck concentrates mostly on the lower muscles of your abdomen and stomach area.

During a full tummy tuck, you’ll be treated for complete muscle separation, meaning that you would have to deal with a feeling of tightness for several weeks afterward.

While this discomfort certainly shouldn’t discourage you from getting a full tummy tuck, it’s not always necessary to deal with the recovery time and pain associated with a full procedure when the mini tummy tuck can give you the results you desire.

2. A Shorter Time in Surgery

We completely understand that many patients feel nervous about the prospect of a longer surgery time, and especially a long time under anesthesia.

While we provide expert and experienced anesthesia services, we understand the desire that patients have to spend as little time as possible under it.

When you opt for a mini tummy tuck procedure in Miami, it’s important to understand that you may or may not need general anesthesia.

In some cases, you’ll need only local anesthesia with an IV sedation. 

Additionally, the surgery itself will take much less time than a complete tummy tuck. While the full procedure takes about two to four hours, a mini tummy tuck can usually be completed in about one to two hours.

3. The Benefit of Smaller Incisions

We know that you’re especially concerned about any potential scarring that could result from your procedure.

You may also be concerned about the length of the incisions that need to be made in your surgery, and the potential risks that they can occasionally carry.

Remember that both a mini tummy tuck and a complete procedure will help you to get rid of extra tissue in the abdominal area as well as loose and sagging skin.

The benefit of a mini tummy tuck is that it targets the lower abdomen, especially the tissue that’s below your belly button.

This means that you won’t need to have the hip-to-hip incision that a full tummy tuck sometimes requires. Plus, because the navel won’t be reconstructed during a mini tummy tuck, you won’t have to deal with scarring in that area, either.

This means that the incision and potential scarring associated with a mini tummy tuck won’t just be smaller. It’s also much easier for you to hide. This is because the incision will be made in the lower abdomen, closer to your pubic area.

This is easily concealed with underwear and clothing.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Miami - Abdominoplasty | Dr. Bernabe Vazquez

More Mini Tummy Tuck Benefits

  • Tightens six-pack muscles that have become separated as a result of pregnancy
  • Combats dense, unsightly stretch marks gained during childbearing
  • Can be performed just a few months after giving birth
  • Trims, tones, slims and sculpts the stomach for a more youthful aesthetic
  • Improves self-image and self-confidence
  • Improves the fit of clothing, including swimwear and eveningwear
  • Provides a safe, long-lasting solution to the problem of abdominal bulgin

So, what are the additional benefits of having a mini tummy tuck done?

It’s especially ideal for those who need to target fat and loose skin in a localized area. If you’re dealing with persistent fat in the areas between your pubic bone and your belly button, but are satisfied with the look of your upper abs and stomach, then a mini tummy tuck will likely be able to give you the results you need.
It’s also easy to combine a mini tummy tuck with liposuction. So, if you’re interested in additional sculpting, be sure that you bring this up with your surgeon during your consultation.

It’s important that you remember to be candid with your surgeon about your medical history, past surgeries, health conditions, and medications that you’re currently taking.

While this won’t automatically disqualify you from getting a mini tummy tuck, it does ensure that your surgeon will be able to perform the procedure in the safest possible way.

Ready to Have a Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure in Miami Done?

We hope that this post has helped you to understand just a few of the many benefits of having a mini tummy tuck procedure in Miami.

In addition to giving you a serious confidence boost, you’ll also deal with a shorter recovery time, a smaller incision and potential scar, and a shorter overall time in surgery.

Of course, it’s important to remember that a mini tummy tuck procedure should only be completed by an experienced and licensed, board-certified professional.

That’s where we can help you.

In addition to a mini tummy tuck, spend some time on our website to learn more about the different procedures we have to offer.

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