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Placement of botox for brow lift

Botox is a drug that can be used to help relax the muscles in your face. It is most commonly used to treat wrinkles and other signs of facial aging, as well as for medical conditions like migraines and severe sweating under the arms. However, it can also be used to give your brows a lift.

The placement of botox for brow lift is very similar to what we do when using botox for the wrinkles between your eyes (also known as “glabellar lines”).

Placing botox in this area relaxes the muscles that pull down on your eyebrows, causing them to elevate slightly. This helps create a more alert look, which many people find attractive.

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Where Do You Inject Botox For A Brow Lift?

Eyebrow Lift: Botox vs Surgery

For years, patients in Ft. Collins have been receiving Botox injections to help with crow’s feet, wrinkles and unwanted fine lines. While Botox is known for smoothing aspects of the face, it’s also possible to use Botox injections to lift your brow. When Botox is injected into the brow, it causes the muscles to freeze. Frown muscles naturally pull down on one’s face, Botox injections in the brow make this impossible and result in the brow drifting upward to its resting position.

A Botox brow lift requires injection into multiple areas of the upper facial region in order to achieve the desired lifting effects. A dose of approximately 20 units will be injected into the glabellar region (the area between the eyebrows), and approximately 10–15 units alongside each of the eyes in the orbicularis oculi muscle.

Since Botox works by keeping the nerves from sending signals to the treated muscles, the muscles that help lift the brows are able to function without any opposition from the muscles that pull the brow down.

Usually, treatment only takes about 15 minutes. Discomfort during the treatment is minimal since the needles are so small. There is virtually no down time after receiving a Botox brow lift, allowing you to return to your daily routine without any signs or symptoms of the procedure. It does take a few days, or up to a week, for the results of the injections to become visible. Once your results appear, they usually last for 3-4 months.

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Some patients are better suited for a Botox brow lift than others. If your brow droops or sags due to muscle movements, you’re likely to see better results from Botox than if your brow problems were related to a loss of fat. In some cases, a patient may decide to have a traditional brow lift performed as well as Botox injections.

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