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Antifungal Cream For Dog Ears


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Introducing our Antifungal Cream for Dog Ears, a ‌trusted‌ solution ⁣for ​combating pesky ear infections ​in‍ your beloved furry friend.

Crafted with utmost care and designed specifically ‌for dogs, this innovative ​formula effectively targets and eliminates fungal infections, reducing itching, inflammation, and⁤ discomfort in their delicate ear canals.

Our Antifungal Cream for Dog Ears is packed with⁣ powerful ingredients such as miconazole nitrate, providing rapid ​relief while preventing ⁣further infection.

To⁢ use, gently clean your dog’s ears using a mild dog ear cleanser, ensuring to‍ remove any excess dirt or debris.​ Once dry, apply a thin layer of the cream ‍directly onto⁤ the infected ⁣area, carefully massaging‌ it into the‍ ear and its surrounding skin for optimal absorption.

With⁤ regular use as recommended by veterinarians, our Antifungal Cream⁢ for Dog Ears offers a safe and reliable solution to alleviate your furry companion’s ear troubles,​ restoring⁤ their comfort and overall health.

Take control of your‌ dog’s ear health today and bring back that wagging tail with‍ our Antifungal Cream for Dog Ears. Order now and see the difference it makes!

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Product Description

1 Oticbliss Ear Drops 2 Oticbliss Flushes 3 Oticbliss Wipes

Vet-Formulated & Recommended

We’re a veterinarian-founded company, and all of our products are recommended by thousands of vets and vet specialists worldwide.

Clinically Proven Formula

Based on results from a 2022 clinical trial by Veterinary Health Research Centers, USA, on effects of Dermabliss Allergy Chews on allergic dermatitis.

NASC Certified

We have reached the highest standards in pet supplements for quality, ingredients, and manufacturing.

USA & Global Ingredients

Our nose-to-tail products are made in the USA from US & globally sourced ingredients that are backed by veterinary science.

It all started with a simple question:

“Is that all we can do for this pet?”

Ten years ago, Dr. James Bascharon created a unique, vet-founded pet health company unlike any other. His intuition was that with the right nutritional supplementation, pets could not only lead healthier lives but truly thrive.

Today, Vetnique continues the legacy of its globally-acclaimed supplement Glandex with a comprehensive portfolio of products designed for lasting pet health and well-being.

Complete Seasonal Allergy & Skin Support

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4.4 out of 5 stars


4.4 out of 5 stars


4.4 out of 5 stars


4.4 out of 5 stars


4.4 out of 5 stars






Dogs & Cats
Dogs & Cats
Dogs & Cats
Dogs & Cats
Dogs & Cats
Dogs & Cats


Vet-strength for ear-itation
Hydrocortisone dog ear drops
Cleansing & drying ear flush
Targets irritation, odor, wax
Cleaning deodorizing ear wipes
Soothing & cleansing ear wipes


1.8 oz
1.8 oz
8 oz
4 or 12 oz
100 count
60 count

Key Ingredients

MicroSilver BG, Chitosan
1% Hydrocortisone, Chitosan
Salicylic Acid, Chloroxylenol
Chlorhexidine, Ketoconazole
Salicylic Acid, Vitamin E
Aloe, Oatmeal, Chamomile

Veterinarian Formulated

Why do I need to clean my dog’s ears?

Dust, dirt, wax buildup, excess moisture, and environmental allergens that can cause irritation and other ear problems in dogs

How often should I clean my dog’s ears?

Some dog breeds–especially those with floppy or extra furry ears–can be at higher risk for ear problems and irritation. You can clean the ears after bathing or swimming, after outdoor play, or on a regular basis during allergy season.

When should I use ear drops vs. an ear flush?

Oticbliss ear flushes are water-based formulas for rinsing debris and wax buildup from deep within the ear. Oticbliss ear drops have a more viscous texture that won’t drip out of the ear canal, so they remain inside the ear to target irritation.

When should I use ear cleaning wipes for dogs or cats?

Ear wipes can be used on the go, any time! Using a drying ear wipe after baths or water play can help prevent excess moisture buildup inside the ear. Medicated ear wipes can help soothe irritation from ear issues while clearing wax and discharge.

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.28 x 1.85 x 1.69 inches; 4.94 Ounces
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ August 3, 2023
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Vetnique Labs

CLEANSING & DEODORIZING – Our Oticbliss antiseptic ear cleaner and vet-strength ear wash cleanses and deodorizes dog ears with a light, non-irritating scent while Aloe Vera leaves pets’ ears calm and soothed. No more smelly dog ears or scratching! This is a must-have for groomers and pet parents alike!
FOR DOGS & CATS – Formulated for pets of all ages and sizes, from puppy to senior dogs, kittens to adult cats. Our cleansing ear flush works to gently but effectively eliminate itchy, scaly irritation and restores the natural balance of the delicate ear environment.
VET-RECOMMENDED – Other ear cleaners only contain one active ingredient. Ours has two, 2% Chlorhexidine and 1% Ketoconazole, making it a more effective dog ear flush. Our dog ear cleaner is best for common causes of mild to intense irritation and even ear mites.
CREATED BY VETS FOR HAPPY PETS – Our Oticbliss Chlorhexidine Ear Flush and all Vetnique Labs products are created with the health and well-being of pets in mind, MADE IN THE USA from globally sourced ingredients, and recommended by veterinarians worldwide.

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