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Best Face Sunscreen For Reapplication

Introducing our latest innovation in skincare: the Best Face Sunscreen For​ Reapplication. Engineered to provide exceptional protection against harmful UV rays, this ⁢sunscreen is specifically designed for easy reapplication‌ to ensure your face stays ⁢shielded from the sun’s‍ harmful effects throughout the ⁣day.

This cutting-edge sunscreen ⁣boasts a lightweight formula that ‍effortlessly glides onto your skin, leaving ⁤behind a sheer, non-greasy finish⁤ that⁢ is both comfortable ‌and ⁣breathable.⁣ With its​ high SPF factor, it effectively safeguards your skin‍ against both UVA and UVB rays, preventing sunburns, premature ‍aging, and the development of skin cancer.

The Best Face⁤ Sunscreen For Reapplication is⁣ uniquely formulated with a blend of ⁤nourishing ingredients, such as antioxidants and vitamins, ⁣that not ​only⁤ help protect your⁢ skin but also enhance its health and⁣ radiance. Its ‌water-resistant‌ formula ensures long-lasting coverage, making it perfect for ‌outdoor activities, sports,‍ or simply spending prolonged hours ⁣under ⁣the sun.

Applying this ⁤remarkable sunscreen is a breeze. ⁣Start⁣ by thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing your face. Dispense a small amount⁤ of the product onto your fingertips and‍ apply⁣ it generously ​to ‌your face, ​neck, and any‍ other exposed⁢ areas. Gently​ massage the​ product into your skin, making ⁢sure to blend​ it evenly.‍ For optimal protection, reapply every two hours⁤ or immediately after swimming‍ or sweating profusely.

Invest in the Best Face Sunscreen For Reapplication today and take your sun protection routine to the next level. Remember,⁢ the health of your skin is essential, and a little extra care can go a long way in keeping‌ it youthful and radiant. Don’t compromise on protection—choose the best.

Product Description For Best Face Sunscreen For Reapplication

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Product Description

JOYJULY Golf Patch

JOYJULY Golf Patch


JOYJULY Golf Patch

JOYJULY Golf Patch

Special Fabric for UV Protection
Special Cooling Material
Moisture supply, Skin Moisturizing
Wrinkle Improvement, Skin Elasticity


The Essential Item For Outdoor Skin Care

#Strong UV Protection

#Skin cooling lasts 5 hours



Made of a Water-Soluble Gel

Helps UV protection and improves the skin elasticity,

and also moisturizes skin!

Skin damaged by UV rays during outdoor activities!

recommend golf patch

recommend golf patch

We highly recommend these people


Who enjoy outdoor sports like hiking, walking, and cycling.

Who play golf on the golf course for a long time.

Who enjoy sports and leisure such as fishing and camping.

Who drive long distances.

Who have dry skin in the changing seasons.

For those who are worried about age spots and freckles under the eyes..


Skin damaged by UV rays during outdoor activities!

Pre-management required!


A water-soluble hydrogel that not only cools for 5 hours but also well adheres to your skin.

Joy July Golf Care Patch will solve the problems.

sports patch

sports patch

No Medical Adhesives Or Tapes!

It is a water-soluble hydrogel patch that adheres to your skin and has good elasticity.

You can use it without discomfort when attaching and removiing it!

From now on, no worries about skin, and just enjoy sports!

JOYJULY GOLF CARE PATCH will protect your skin.





What is a Hydrogel?

It means a substance that contains water inside the gel.

It is full of moisture and ingredients good for the skin, and it is waterful and elastic!

A water-soluble hydrogel material was used.

“68.5% of Moisture Content​”

With good elasticity and excellent adhesion, it gently adheres to dull skin without any gaps.

“Pure water-soluble hydrogel full of moisture.”

A larger size than a standard eye patch!

A larger size than a standard eye patch!

A larger size than a standard eye patch!

Customers’ requests have resulted in the release of a larger sports patch!

Protect yourself from UV rays more broadly and thoroughly.

UV protection that is simple to use and does not require reapplication.

Protect the skin under the eyes from UV rays with JOYJULY GOLF CARE PATCH!

Protect the skin under the eyes from UV rays with JOYJULY GOLF CARE PATCH!

Protect the skin under the eyes from UV rays with JOYJULY GOLF CARE PATCH!

Strong UV Protection

#SkinAging #SkinBurns #Freckles #CausesOfSkinCancer

UV rays to be careful all year round!

Long-term exposure to high levels of UV light can cause photoaging,

which causes the skin to develop hard and deep wrinkles.

When UV protection is inadequate, skin elasticity declines, dryness increases, and the skin ages.

UV rays are always present, regardless of the weather or season, so UV protection is always important.

Clean and Clear Skin Care

Clean and Clear Skin Care

Clinically confirmed skin improvement effect.

Smile Lines : 11.031% decrease immediately after one use compared to before use.

Skin Tone : 1.477% increase immediately after 1 use compared to before use.

Age Spots & Freckles : The color of age spots and freckles became light compared to before use.

Cooling : Clinically based cooling delivery power lasts up to 5 hours,

How To Use

How To Use


1. Open the pouch and remove the film.

2. Apply under the eyes as a guide.

3. Put the patch on the other side in the same way.

4. Remove after 2~5 hours of use and gently massage with your hands.


1. In case of having side effects such as red rash, swollenness, and/or itching while using this cosmetic, or in case such symptoms appear by direct sunlight after using it, consult a dermatologist immediately.

2. Do not apply it on the part where you have a scar, eczema, or dermatitis.


1. Keep it out of reach of children.

2. Avoid the place where the direct sunlight is.

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 6.93 x 4.88 x 0.94 inches; 2.89 Ounces
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Senny Studio

Contains Cooling Ingredients
Moisture Supply
Wrinkle Improvement
Skin Protection & Elasticity


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