Cosmetic Surgery Tips

360 Tummy Tuck Prices

“360 tummy tuck” is a surgical procedure that is used to get rid of the loose skin, which is most commonly seen after weight loss. In this type of surgery, your plastic surgeon will make an incision in your belly-button area, so as to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen. This procedure will … Read more

360 Lipo Vs Tummy Tuck

There are many reasons why you may have decided to undergo a tummy tuck, with the main reason being the inability to get rid of stubborn fat that has gathered around your waist, stomach and mid-section. If this is something you have struggled with for years and have tried everything to get rid of it, … Read more

Is Clinical Chemical Peel

If you’re hoping to achieve beautiful, healthy skin, this is the procedure for you. The response of your skin to a clinical chemical peel will depend on many variables such as: skin type, duration of the procedure, area treated and concentration level of the peel agent used. It is possible that you will experience side … Read more

Is Chemical Peel An Elective Surgery

Is chemical peel an elective surgery? The answer is yes. Chemical peels are not considered a medical necessity (elective)like surgeries like a hip replacement or heart valve repair. Some people want a chemical peel because they want to improve their appearance. However, doctors consider chemical peels as elective because it removes the top layer of … Read more

Benefits of Lemon Skin Peel

Lemon skin peel is a process of removing the outer layer of skin. It is done with a chemical solution, which reacts with the dead skin cells of the outer layer and causes them to dissolve and slough away from the body. This process is known as exfoliation, and it helps improve the condition of … Read more