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Tummy Tuck drains Removed Too Soon

Tummy tuck drains are removed from the body after a few days in order to promote healing and prevent infection. However, many women choose to remove their drains before this time. This article will explain why it is important for you to leave your drain in place for the full recommended amount of time, as well as what can happen if you remove it too soon.

Drains are used during a tummy tuck procedure in order to collect excess fluid that may accumulate during the healing process. This fluid helps ensure that your skin remains healthy and supple while it heals, but if too much builds up, it can cause irritation and swelling of your skin. It’s also important that you keep your drains in until they have stopped draining completely. This ensures that all of the fluid has been removed from beneath your skin and prevents infection from occurring inside your incision site or around any stitches used during surgery (if any).

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Overview of Tummy Tuck drains Removed

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Drains are commonly used after tummy tuck surgery to lower the risk of developing a fluid collection at the surgical site and associated complications. Two drains after tummy tuck are typically placed, which may exit through the traverse incision of the lower abdomen to eliminate additional scarring.

Patients will be instructed regarding appropriate drain care prior to discharge home after tummy tuck. You will be shown how to measure and record the output as well as how to appropriately maintain drain suction. Patients often ask, “how long until drains may be removed after tummy tuck?”.

Drains after tummy tuck are removed when drainage has tapered appropriately

Drainage will gradually taper following tummy tuck surgery.  It will initially appear bloody over the first few days. Drainage will darken over time as bleeding stops and old blood is drained from the surgical site.  The fluid then gradually changes to a clear yellow or pink-tinged hue, which is omaous drainage.

Drains are usually removed when draining 30cc or less over a few consecutive days. Most commonly the drain with lower output is removed at approximately one week post-operatively. The second drain is usually removed the following week when drainage has tapered appropriately. Drains may be left in place for a longer time period if required in some cases.

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