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Tummy Tuck How Long To Wear Compression

A Tummy Tuck compression garment is a heavily elasticized cloth that stretches around your midsection, much like a girdle. It fits snugly over your midsection, applying constant even pressure on that area. This typically covers the area below breasts down to hips and pelvic area.

This involves excess skin removal and fat from the middle and lower abdomen so that muscle and fascia of the abdomen wall are tightened. After surgery a compression garment (elastic fabric) applies consistent pressure to the treatment area. It is designed to enhance recovery for postoperative treatment following plastic-aesthetic procedures such as; liposuction, body surgery, Tummy tuck, etc.

Dr Rebecca Wyten, Female Specialist Plastic Surgeon, regularly performs Tummy Tuck Surgery in Melbourne’s Eastern and South-Eastern Suburbs.

Why should I wear compression Garments after a tummy tuck, Body surgery, or Liposuction?

To have a better plastic surgery outcome, there is a combination of factors; how we prepare for the procedure, the state of general mental and physical health, and what we do in the recovery process all play a vital role.

Wearing compression garments accelerates the healing process and reduce swelling and pain associated with the procedure. Compression garments that are of good quality and fit can lead to a speedy recovery and proper healing as well as reduce the risk of hematoma, lymphedema, seromas, and skin unevenness.

What are the benefits of using a compression garment following a tummy tuck, body surgery and lipo?

1. Reduced risk of Edema

  • This is one of the most common complications of a tummy tuck. It is also known as a seroma.
  • This refers to the excess serous fluid collecting and filling a pocket under the skin.
  • Using compression garments, pressure is applied and this, in turn, pushes down on tissues so as to minimize or eliminate pockets where fluid could collect.
  • The garment also promotes better circulation

2. Better circulation

With any surgical procedure, one of the most significant risks especially one as invasive as tummy tuck surgery is blood clots. Due to a lack of circulation blood clots can develop anywhere and can be dangerous. Compression garments, fortunately, promote circulation and therefore reduce the risk of blood clots.

3. Reduces postoperative pains

Since compression stimulates circulation and decreases swelling, these garments can help you feel better earlier. Furthermore, events like coughing or laughing are more bearable thanks to the pressure applied by the garment.

4. Protection from Infections

Compression garments also act as a protective barrier to our incised abdomen in procedures like a tummy tuck or liposuction and protect them from infection. It also facilitates better circulation and helps transfer antimicrobials to the site of possible infection.

5.  Minimize scarring

The site of the surgery is properly held by compression garments and helps maintain stability. They hold the skin to recently contoured areas and allows wounds to heal and limit the extent of scarring.

6. Shaping the final results

  • Compression garments improve the contour of the treatment area, this helps achieve optimal liposuction results.
  • With the support of garments the body adapts to its new streamlined shape and reduces the risk of your skin developing a lax or wrinkled appearance.
  • This allows smoother, tighter, more attractive liposuction results.
  • Some patients also find that wearing a compression garment improves their posture and facilitates easy movement after a body contouring procedure.

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