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Why Is Woven Dental Floss Discontinued

Many dentists and dental hygienists recommend woven dental floss for our patients.  Its fibrous texture does a great job of removing the plaque which can cause irritated gums, which we call gingivitis, and bone loss around the teeth, which we call gum disease.  For years, the best, and possibly only, woven dental floss on the market was Reach Gentle Gum Care.  But in the past few years, it’s been getting harder and harder to find in the stores.

In this post, we’ll also consider best woven dental floss and why is dental floss waxed.

Although most people recognize that flossing their teeth is a good way to prevent gum disease and tooth loss, many do not like to do it. Some have sensitive gums and find that flossing makes their gums bleed. Since it is made of a softer material, woven floss does not irritate the gums as much, especially if a person uses it correctly. It is important that a person does not dig the floss into his gums or snap it between his teeth.

Using woven floss will help improve a person’s gums. A person who flosses daily may notice that his gums do not bleed as much after a few weeks, since the floss has removed built up tartar. Woven floss may remove more plaque and tartar than waxed ribbon floss, since it is designed to expand in the areas between a person’s teeth.

When a person pulls the floss out of the container, it resembles a piece of embroidery floss that consists of two or more loosely braided threads. The threads may be bi-colored. Since woven floss is generally made of cotton, its threads are slightly fibrous and are able to scrape the sides of teeth clean. The cotton thread also makes the floss soft and gentle.

Teeth should be flossed daily, despite professional cleaning sessions.

The floss is slightly puffy but thins out when a person pulls it tight between his fingers. After he slides the floss in between two teeth, a person should loosen the tautness of it, so that the woven floss expands and fills the area. Its ability to stretch makes it suitable for a person with closely spaced together teeth.

Woven floss should be used in the same way that any other floss would be. Dentists recommend using 18 inches and wrapping the two ends around the middle finger of each hand. A person should grasp the floss with his thumb and index finger on each hand, so that two inches of floss is between his fingers. Pulling the floss taut, he should slide it between two teeth, moving it in a saw-like motion against the sides of teeth.

Best Woven Dental Floss

Here’s my top pick for the best woven dental floss now that Listerine Gentle Gum Care has been discontinued:

Top Pick: Cocofloss Woven Dental Floss

If you were ever disappointed that Listerine Gentle Gum Care floss only came in Cinnamon flavor, then you will have to try Cocofloss.

It comes in a wide range of flavors including mint, coconut, strawberry, orange, vanilla bean, and dark chocolate.

More importantly, this is actually woven floss! It is made with over 500 polyester fibers that are infused with coconut oil and lightly waxed.

According to the product page on Amazon, Cocofloss claims that using this floss feels like “a loofah for your teeth!”

Last but not least, Cocofloss is vegan and cruelty-free.

Cocofloss is my top rated alternative to Listerine Gentle Gum Care woven floss. It is currently available on Amazon in a 3-roll set for $25. Single rolls are available on their website for $9 each.

Who Makes Woven Dental Floss?

In my research I found only a few other companies that make woven dental floss similar to Listerine Gentle Gum Care.

Not all of these alternatives are actually “woven” floss but I included them because they had a similar soft feeling on my gums and did a great job at removing plaque.

Here are a few of my new favorite brands of woven dental floss:

Hayden Expanding Dental Floss

Hayden Expanding Floss is made of hundreds of nylon microfibers which are designed to remove plaque and stain deposits.

Expanding floss is unique in the fact that when it comes into contact with the saliva between your teeth it expands. The floss is coated in a mint flavored wax to hold the fibers together.

These special design features mean it can fit into small gaps between teeth while still remaining shred proof.

If you enjoyed the softness of Listerine Gentle Gum Care, you might also like Hayden Expanding Floss. It doesn’t cut into your gums like traditional floss and is comfortable to use.

It is available in a Polar Mint flavor.

Listerine Ultraclean Dental Floss

When I was shopping on Amazon for alternatives to Listerine Gentle Gum Care woven floss, the new Listerine Ultraclean floss appeared frequently.

My guess is that Johnson & Johnson created this new type of dental floss to replace their discontinued woven floss brand.

However, this product is not woven.

Instead, it is more like a tape floss with added texture. The extra texture gives more of a scrubbing feeling on your gums and teeth.

I should also point out that this floss is very stretchy. You might think it feels like flossing with a rubber band.

GUM Expanding Dental Floss

GUM Expanding Floss is made of texturized nylon and lightly coated with wax. When it comes into contact with saliva between your teeth the fibers expand, making it easier to remove plaque in hard to reach places.

It is very similar to the Hayden brand expanding floss. The unique advantage of this expanding floss is that it comes unflavored and unscented.

If you used Oral B Ultra Floss before it was discontinued, this might be a great alternative.

DrTungs Smart Floss

DrTungs Smart Floss is another popular brand of expanding floss. It is made out of hundreds of thin polyester fibers and lightly coated with vegetable and bee’s wax.

In my opinion DrTungs smart floss is soft like Listerine Gentle Gum Care but thicker than traditional woven floss after it expands.

The only differentiating factor between DrTungs and the GUM or Hayden brands is the flavor. DrTungs Smart Floss is infused with a natural cardamom flavor, which has a zesty citrus mint taste.

Has Listerine Gentle Gum Care Woven Floss Been Discontinued?

Yes, it appears that Listerine Gentle Gum Care Woven Floss has been discontinued.

Over the past year I began to notice that my favorite brand of woven floss was constantly out of stock. I decided to return to using traditonal waxed floss until it reappeared in stores but it never did.

Sadly, only a small amount of Listerine woven floss is still available for sale online. Resellers are charging as much as $45 per package!

As of the time of publication, I have not received a response from Johnson & Johnson about why the product was discontinued.

Is Woven Floss Better Than Waxed Floss?

Woven floss is considered by many to be better than waxed floss because it removes more plaque. It feels soft between your fingers, yet strong.

The woven polyester fibers create a wider surface area when used between tight teeth and are gentle on sensitive gums.

Unlike traditional waxed floss, woven floss does not cut into your gums as easily. For those with delicate gums, woven floss is less likely to cause bleeding and irritation.

In my research I found that one of the top complaints about woven floss is that it shreds easily. I never found this to be a frequent problem for myself.

What is Woven Floss Made Of?

Woven floss is made of hundreds of thin nylon, polyester, or cotton fibers. The fibers are often infused with flavors, such as mint, and coated in a microcrystalline wax.

Listerine Gentle Gum Care was the most popular brand of woven floss made by Johnson & Johnson until it was discontinued in 2019. Other brands that continue to produce woven floss include Cocofloss, Hayden, and DrTungs.

Why Is Dental Floss Waxed

Dental floss can be either waxed or unwaxed and is comprised of nylon. Dental floss that has been waxed has a tiny layer of wax on its surface, making it slightly thicker than unwaxed floss yet more pliable for use in between teeth. Compared to unwaxed floss, waxed floss is more likely to be flavored.

Different benefits apply to floss that has been waxed or not. The wax covering on waxed floss makes flossing more comfortable. After each flossing session, the various flavors can help keep your breath fresh. Because to its inherent lubricating properties, waxed floss may be more convenient for those with closely spaced teeth. Although waxed floss is typically stronger than unwaxed floss, flossing won’t result in as much breakage. Contrarily, waxless floss is thinner and easier to insert and remove from between your teeth. It typically contains no artificial flavors, exposing your mouth to less chemicals.

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